One on One Coaching
Go "all in" on your training with your own personalized Feis Fit Plan of Action

It Starts With A Breakdown Of Your Dancing

The way you move when you dance, gives us insight to how your body moves as a whole. In your initial 30-minute consultation we break down your dance videos, discuss your goals, strengths and weaknesses, and what we need to do to help you improve.

Ongoing Support

You have unlimited messaging with your coach to help you stay on track and overcome obstacles. Every month you have a video check-in to make any needed plan adjustments and coach you through any challenges you’re facing. Every 8 weeks we break down your videos again to ensure you are making progress!

Intentional Improvement Is Our Main Goal!

There are lot’s of fitness programs out there, but our built in model to help dancers make intentional noticeable improvements is one thing that separates Feis Fit. Dancers set benchmarks every 2 weeks of what they are working to improve and check-in with their coach on whether they achieved them. 

One On One Accountability

Research shows that when you have a specific accountability appointment with someone you’ve committed to has by far the highest chance of success. This is why every dancer in One On One coaching is assigned an Accountability Coach. Your accountability coach sends weekly check-ins to help keep you on track as well as a monthly video chat to review your benchmarks and work through any obstacles you may be having.

Masterclasses to Improve Your Mindset, Nutrition Habits, and More!

Need help with improving your mindset?! Want to learn more about how to fuel your body for dancing? We’re bringing in experts in different important health related fields to teach you how to be on your A-game on competition day.

Competition Warmup Help

Creating a competition day warmup ritual is a key part to performing your best on stage. You will receive guidance on how to warmup for your competitions.

No Goal Is Too Big If You're Willing To Work For it!

As your coach, I’m constantly researching the best techniques for improving dance performance, power, mindset, technique, and injury prevention. My goal is to not just throw generic exercises at you (you can honestly just google a random fitness plan), but rather master Irish Dance strength and conditioning training so every dancer has the opportunity to reach and surpass their dancing dreams! I’ve helped dancers achieve Oireachtas goals from getting that first recall to winning their first major championship. I truly believe that there is no goal too big if you’re willing to work for it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the price of the program?
A: 150usd per month.

Q: What equipment do I need?
A: If you have access to a gym that’s great! If you don’t you’ll need a set of therabands (heavy and light), a pair of dumbbells (to start you’ll want a pair that’s about 10% of your body weight, then as you get stronger you’ll want ones closer to 25% your body weight). A slant board is recommended but not required. You will have access to a more detailed equipment list upon sign up.

Q: What ages do you recommend for the program?
A: 12-Adult

If you're a dancer who wants to get ahead this Oireachtas season, come join us!

About Jeanne

My name is Jeanne Weller, and I fell in love with Irish Dancing at age 6. Throughout my dancing career I competed in many regional, national, and world championships both individually and on teams. After my years as a competitor, I decided to focus on the fitness piece required for excellent dancing that many dancers miss. I am very passionate about learning how the human body works and how to combine strength and conditioning principles with Irish Dance movement patterns to help every dancer reach their full potential.

At Feis Fit I truly believe that learning to enjoy the journey and challenges of Irish Dancing in a positive supportive community is the MOST important part of dancing. We were made to connect, grow, and help each other…and THAT is what makes Feis Fit truly great.