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"Now instead of getting feedback on toe height I receive compliments from my dance teachers! It feels amazing to know that one of my biggest struggles in dance has been turned into one my biggest strengths. Feis Fit has helped me improve on many other weaknesses that I had, and it has given me the confidence to perform on the Worlds Stage! I actually felt like I belonged there and that I was the same caliber dancer as all the other worlds dancers. Much of my appreciation goes out to Jeanne and Feis Fit!"

-Haley G.


"Feis Fit not only made me stronger as a dancer, but it helped me achieve a stronger mindset going into major competitions and in everyday life. Spending a lot of my time dedicating my dance career to body conditioning has helped me gain a better perspective of how I need to continue taking care of my body as an athlete. It not only makes me feel good, but it helps me feel confident in my own body! Over time, Feis Fit has helped me understand how I could further strengthen my body to make me feel the strongest I can be and ready to go for competition!"

-Nora C.


"Feis Fit made me feel a lot more confident in my training and I felt that i always had something to works towards. She not only  gave me amazing workouts, but she also gave me some amazing tips for any situation. She gave me competition day tips, nutrition tips, and helped me with anything under the sun! She helped me become more motivated than I have ever been.”

       -Frances R.


My name is Jeanne Weller, and I fell in love with Irish Dancing at age 6. Throughout my dancing career I competed in many regional, national, and world championships both individually and on teams. After my years as a competitor, I decided to focus on the fitness piece required for excellent dancing that many dancers miss. I started by getting certified in group fitness and personal training as a senior in highschool,  went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Fitness,  and NOW continuously absorb everything I can about how dancers and young athletes of all kinds train for optimal performance. I am very passionate about learning how the human body works and how to combine strength and conditioning principles with Irish Dance movement patterns to help every dancer reach their full potential. While I was in college, I began experimenting with customized dancer training programs as well as running Irish Dance boot camps in Central Ohio, helping many dancers achieve their goals including:

  • Recalling at the Oireachtas
  • Moving up many placements at Feiseanna and major competitions
  • Qualifying for Worlds
  • Winning major competitions

My fitness career brought me to Milwaukee, WI, where I have been blessed with the opportunity to do what I love — helping good Irish Dancers become excellent! Feis Fit in Milwaukee started September 2016, and already we’ve helped dancers achieve their dancing goals and beyond!

I have had dancers win major titles including the World Championships, Nationals, and the Oireachtas, over 30 dancers qualify for Worlds for the first time, and lot's of others qualify for the Oireachtas for the first time or simply earn their solo dress!

Awards aside, at Feis Fit I truly believe that learning to enjoy the journey and challenges of Irish Dancing in a positive supportive community is the MOST important part of dancing. We were made to connect, grow, and help each other…and THAT is what makes Feis Fit truly great.


Feis Fit has improved my daughters dancing tremendously! She accomplished her goals of moving to PC and of qualifying for Oireachtas after just 4 1/2 months with Jeanne. What a great feeling to have to set new goals!

-Kim G. 

-Kim G.

My daughter has been dancing for six years and had struggled with being able to get her legs very high. After talking and working with Jeanne for only a few minutes we had an answers as to why that no one else had given and exercises to help her over come her problem. Jeanne was the nicest and most helpful person ever and we highly recommend her.

-Becki L.

-Kim G.

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