3-Week Summer Bootcamp

Strength, power, stamina, and flexibility!

Ever see a dancer make a BIG jump in placements at a major and wonder…”what the heck did they do to get there?!” Through my years of working with high-level dancers, I most commonly see this happen when dancers who learn how to use their “off-season” to their advantage. The role of an “off-season” is to have more time to focus on building muscle and power, and improving flexibility for the upcoming season. While “in-season,” dancers often have higher energy and time demands in class, whereas the “off-season” allows them to use that time and energy to get stronger, faster, and overall more powerful. That’s why I created the 21- Day Feis Fit Summer Bootcamp! This NEW Feis Fit program is designed to help dancers learn how to train properly in the off-season to set them up for success in Oireachtas training!


  • 3-weeks of workouts to help you start off strong this Oireachtas training season with building a solid base of strength, stamina, and flexibility accessible via app or desktop! (with printable PDF versions of the workouts for after the program)
  • Weekly pre-recorded flexibility and core classes
  • 6 video lessons jam packed with info on the critical info you need to know when it comes to Irish dance S&C

Winter Intensive

Details coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the price of the program?
A: $150 USD.

Q: If I start the program late or take a few days off, can I still do the program after the ending date?
A: Yes! You won’t have access to the app/website after the last day of your program (unless you are a yearly athlete or one on one athlete) BUT you will get a PDF copy of your program and can download any videos you’d like from the program.

Q: What equipment do I need?
Access to weights, a pull-up bar, and a theraband is highly recommended. If you don’t have access to these things, you can still make it work but having those items or access to a gym is ideal.

Q: How many days a week is this program?
This program is 5 days a week, and each workout is 30-60 minutes.

3 days a week are more focused on strength work, whereas 2 days a week are focused on building a solid base level of stamina and flexibility. If dancers play other cardio-heavy sports (e.g. cross country, swimming, field hockey, cheer, football, soccer, etc.), they can often replace their other sports with their stamina days.

Q: Is technique work included in this program?
A: The goal of the off-season is to build a solid foundation of strength, stamina, and flexibility, whereas in the pre-season and in-season we focus more on technique. So we do NOT include technique in this program. That will be added in during the 12-week Oireachtas Challenge.

Looking to dive “all in” with training and reach your full dancing potential?! Come join the Feis Fit Community!