Meet the Feis Fit Team

Jeanne Weller

Feis Fit Founder

My name is Jeanne Weller, and I fell in love with Irish Dancing at age 6. Throughout my dancing career I competed in many regional, national, and world championships both individually and on teams. After my years as a competitor, I decided to focus on the fitness piece required for excellent dancing that many dancers miss. I started by getting certified in group fitness and personal training as a senior in high school, went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Fitness, and NOW continuously absorb everything I can about how dancers and young athletes of all kinds train for optimal performance.

Jezzy Prongo

Virtual Administrative Assistant

Hi! My name is Jezzy. I’m from the beautiful country Philippines. I’ve been helping Jeanne remotely for quite some time now. I do Feis Fit administrative stuff. What I like most about Feis Fit is that, of course, aside from working hand in hand with Jeanne, I also got a chance to discover new things, learn success stories of each Irish Dancers and get inspired. My working journey on Feis Fit is incredibly awesome!

In the Media

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