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The Challenge

Before Feis Fit, working toward goals was difficult for Maddie. She was ambitious and eager to work hard but didn't know the proper mobility work or stregnth training to take her dancing to the next level. On top of that, her body was constantly tight and she had some muscular imbalances that ultimately led to sesamoid injuries. 

How Feis Fit Helped

With Feis Fit, Maddie was able to strengthen her hips, deep core muscles, to not only help prevent future injuries, but was able to make her dancing stronger, as well as improve her confidence on stage and leading up to a major. She now knows how to train smarter instead of falling into the cycle of overtraining, under recovering, and ending up injured.



“Working towards goals before Feis Fit was hard. I never did any proper stretches and proper strengthening so my muscles were always tight and I was always sore because of this I got a sesamoid injury two times.

With Feis Fit my hips, muscles, and feet are stronger than ever. Working on hip mobility really helped and fixed my sesamoid problem. My stage presence also got a lot better. I feel more confident, stronger, and more knowledgeable on what exercises to do when I’m training for a competition or major.”

-Maddie S.

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