Pointing and Toe Height

You're at the Oireachtas and the slip jig music starts.

Everyone stops to watch that one dancer.

You know, that one dancer in your competition who seems to magically glide across the stage on the tips of her toes and uber long lines from her hips to the very tips of her feet?!

How does she do it?!

...and how can you improve your pointing and toe height?!

Let's chat!!!

Pointing is a mixture of
-genetics (some people have high arches while others have low arches)
-arch and calf strength
-foot and ankle flexibility, mobility, and strength

Toe height is also a combination of this PLUS hip and glute strength to pull ourselves upwards vs.sink into our movements.

So if we want to improve our pointing and toe height, we have to improve these things. NOTE: There are other factors too, because everything in the body is connected, but these are the main factors at play here.

Often dancers turn right to an "arch genie" or forcing their feet down in pointed stretches to improve their points. Although some light stretching in our points is okay, it doesn't matter how far we stretch our points if our arches are not strong enough hold a solid point. In this free guide we focusing mainly on our arch and foot muscles!

Do the following circuit 3X through!

1.) 60s foot roll out on each side:

2.) 45 big toe stretch on each side:

3.) 5X10s of doming per side:

4.) 10-15 banded toe squats (keep it slow and controlled):

5.) 3 standing hovers each way per side

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