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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How do I schedule my sessions?

You will see the "scheduling" page in the main menu. When you sign up,  you will receive a zoom link for our session.

2.) How many sessions do I have left?

We keep track of how many sessions you have left. If you are't sure, you can email [email protected]

3.) If I buy a 5 or 10-pack, can I use some for technique sessions and others for personal training?

You bet! Just choose the corresponding calendar when  you sign up for your sessions.

4.) What times are sessions available?

Tuesday-Friday! 11am-6pm central time. You will be given a calendar access upon signup to schedule your session. 

5.) I live in the UK, can I still signup for sessions?

Yep! I open several morning slots (my morning) to accommodate UK dancers.

6.) What will we work on in my personal training  and/or technique sessions?

When you signup, you'll fill out what you are focusing on at the moment and we'll work on that!

7.) Can I train in-person?

Totally! Email Jeanne at [email protected] if you prefer to train in person.

8.) What if I need to cancel/reschedule?

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel/reschedule, please do it more than 24 hours in advanced or you will lose your session.

9.) Can I gift these to another person? 

Yes! Email us  at [email protected] to let us know the name you purchased it under and who you'd like to transfer it too.