Day 1: Strength and Flexibility Copy


Warm-up SetsTimeVideo Link
Jog or jump rope330sView Video
lunge with overhead reach330sView Video
leg swings front and back330s/sideView Video
leg swings side to side330s/sideView Video
ExerciseSetsRepsVideo Link
A1) Pistol Squats36View Video
A2) Hollow body310-60sView Video
B1) sissy squats38-10View Video
B2) Long Lunge Pulses33X10s holdView Video
B3) side planks340sView Video
B4) plank360sView Video

C1) 3-level calf raise (do these 1 leg at a time)38 per side (each 3 calf raises =1 rep)View Video
C2) wall toe taps315 View Video
C3) big toe band presses310-20 per sideView Video

Post-Practice Or Training Stretches

StretchTimeVideo Link
plantarflexion strech2 minView Video
plantarfascia stretch2 min/sideView Video
yoga block calf stretch2 min/sideView Video
hamstring stretch2 min/sideView Video
wall quad stretch2 min/sideView Video
wall hip flexor stretch2 min/sideView Video