Day 10: Jump Training and Lower Body (Pull)

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Jumping Jacks240sView Video
Cossack Squats240sView Video
Side Bent Sits240sView Video

Jump Training and Lower Body (Pull)

A1) Single Leg Tap Downs36/sideView Video
A2) Single Leg Depth Jumps36/sideView Video
A3) Single Leg Lunge Push Offs36/sideView Video
B) Single Leg Deadlifts315/sideView Video
C1) Nordic Hamstring Curls OR hamstring slide ins (if you don’t have a place for nordics)3-56View VideoView Video
C2) Band Hip Bridges330View Video
C3) Hollow Body360-90sView Video
D1) Single Leg Calf Raise510View Video
D2) Wall Toe Taps510View Video
E1) Hollow Rocks330View Video
E2) Plank on Elbows360sView Video
E3) Knee Pike Straddles38View Video