Day 10: Strength and Flexibility Copy


WarmupSetsTimeVideo Link
Jog or jump rope330sView Video
lunge with overhead reach330sView Video
leg swings front and back330s/sideView Video
leg swings side to side330s/sideView Video
ExerciseSetsRepsVideo LinkNotes
A1) Hamsting slide-ins310 View VideoIf you can’t keep your butt off the ground the whole time, try to keep it up as you slide IN, then put it down as you push the sliders back out.
A2) Hollow body320-40sView Video
B1) Single leg deadlifts312 View Video
B2) elevated band hip thrusters320View Video
B3) Internal rotations33, 5s holds on each sideView Video
B4) hollow body crunches310View VideoIf you can’t keep your lower back on the ground, bend your knees

C1) single leg calf raise315 per sideView VideoHold at top!
C2) wall toe taps315 View Video
C3) big toe raises230 View Video
C4) big toe band press down215View Video

Post-Practice or Training Stretches

StretchTimeVideo Link
plantarflexion strech2 minView Video
plantarfascia stretch2 min/sideView Video
yoga block calf stretch2 min/sideView Video
hamstring stretch2 min/sideView Video
wall quad stretch2 min/sideView Video
wall hip flexor stretch2 min/sideView Video