Day 2 : Posture and Core + Stamina

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Jog240sView Video
Shoulder Rolls240sView Video
Squats240sView Video

Posture and Core

A1) Inverted Tabletop340sView Video
A2) Plank360sView Video
A3) Wall Angels310View Video
A4) Arch Ups310View Video
B1) M’s310View Video
B2) I’s310View Video
B3) T’s310View Video
B4) Standing band pulls310View Video
C1) Hollow Body330-60sView Video
C2) Hanging Leg Raise A315View Video
C3) Adductor Bench Squeeze310-20s/sideView Video


Directions: In this circuit, you are going to do each exercise as quickly as you can. Take 20s off, then move onto the next one. Repeat the entire circuit 4X through.

Pop squats35View Video
Slider knee tucks10View Video
Single leg deck squat jumps6 per sideView Video
Crawl to runs40sView Video