Day 2: Arching and Toe Height + Stamina

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Interval Run OR Bike

Directions: Start with a 5-minute warmup walk. Then complete the following circuit 10X.

Run1 minute
Walk2 minutes

Arching and Toe Height

ExerciseSetsRepsVideo LinkNotes
A1) big toe mobilizer130s-60s/sideView Video
A2) Big Toe Raises130/sideView Video
A3) Little Toe Raises130/sideView Video
A4) Big Toe Band Press150/sideView VideoBreak this down how ever you need to but get all 50 per side
A5) big toe point point flex flex130/sideView Video
B1) Wall press calf raise125View Video
B2) Wall Toe Taps130View Video
B3) bent knee calf raise125View Video
C1) demi point wall foot stretch20/sideView Video
C2) standing point stretch26/sideView Video
C3) little toe up and aways130View Video