Day 30: Turnout and Crossing

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Equipment Needed: Turnout Discs, theraband, yoga mat

Turnout, Flexibility and Core

ExerciseSetsRepsVideo Link
A1) Horse stance squats2-35View Video
A2) QL reaches2-35View Video
A3) Side split pushups2-35View Video
A4) Internal rotations2-35 per sideView Video
A5) Hollow body2-340sView Video
B1) turnout disc in and outs2-310View Video
B2) turnout disc first position piles2-310View Video
B3) turnout disc second position piles2-310View Video
B4) front-side-behind-togethers2-310View Video
B5) knee tucks2-310View Video
B6) plank2-360sView Video