Day 38: Jump Training and Lower Body (Pull)

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Jumping Jacks240s
Cossack Squats240s
Side Bend Sits240s

Jump Training and Lower Body (Pull)

A1) Single Leg Tap Downs36/side
A2) Single Leg Depth Downs36/side
A3) Leg Lunge Push Offs36/side
B) Single Leg Deadlifts315/side
C1) Nordic Hamstring Curls3-58
C2) Band Hip Bridges330
C3) Hollow Body360-90s
D1) Single Leg Calf Raise510
D2) Wall Toe Taps510
E1) Hollow Rocks330
E2) Plank on Elbows360s
E3) Knee Pike Straddles38

Every Day Exercises

A1) Banded Hip Bridges320
A2) Hollow Body330-60s
A3) Deadbug210/side
B1) Wall Hip Stretch160s/side
B2) Wall Quad Stretch160s/side
B3) Quad to Hip Stretch160s/side