Day 5: Lower Body Strength

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ExerciseTimeVideo Link
Backwards walk or jog5 minutes
Ab Activator A30sView Video
Ab Activator B30sView Video


ExerciseSetsRepsVideo LinkNotes
A) Assisted Pistol Squats55View Video
B) Slant Board Front Squat310View VideoUse a weight that you can do with proper form.
C1) natural knee extensions36View Video
C2) hamstring slide-ins310View Video
D1) Slant Board Calf Raises320/sideView Video
D2) Wall Toe Taps325View Video
E1) hollow body230sView Video
E2) l-sit A260sView Video
F1) wall hip stretch160s/sideView Video
F2) figure 4 wall press160s/sideView Video
F3) Elephant walks130/sideView Video