Day 5: Lower Body Strength

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ExerciseTimeVideo Link
Backwards walk or jog5 minutes
Ab Activator A30sView Video
Ab Activator B30sView Video
Band Side Walks30 each wayView Video


ExerciseSetsRepsVideo LinkNotes
A) Assisted Pistol Squats55View Video
B) Slant Board Front Squat310View VideoUse a weight that you can do with proper form.
C1) natural knee extensions36View Video
C2) hamstring slide-ins310View Video
D1) Slant Board Calf Raises320/sideView Video
D2) Wall Toe Taps325View Video
E1) hollow body230sView Video
E2) l-sit A260sView Video
F1) wall hip stretch160s/sideView Video
F2) figure 4 wall press160s/sideView Video
F3) Elephant walks130/sideView Video