Day 53: Turnout and Crossing + Stamina

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Directions: In this circuit, you are going to do each exercise as quickly as you can. Do 60 seconds of jump roping inbetween each circuit. 4X through.
NOTE: keep the clock running the whole time, don’t pause the timer during your transition from exercise to jump rope. Just move quickly in transitions.

Pop squats50
Jump Rope60s
Slider knee tucks12
Jump Rope60s
Deck squat burpees12
Jump Rope60s
Crawl to runs60s
Jump Rope60s

Core Finisher

Directions: Do the following circuit 3X through.

Hollow Block60-90s
Forearm Plank60s
Side Plant40s/side

Turnout and Crossing

A1) Frog Stretch11-2 minutes
A2) Internal Rotation Stretch11-2 minutes
A3) Wall Hip Stretch11-2 minutes/side
A4) Hip Stretch with Internal Rotation190-90
A5) Hurdle Step Overs120/side
A6) Abductor Stretch11-2 minutes/side
B1) Shin Up Clams210/side
B2) Prone Straight Leg Turnout Lifts210
B3) Adductor Bench Squeezes23x10s
C1) Demi Piles210
C2) Grand Pile210
C3) In to Outs210
C4) Demi Piles in Second Position210
C5) Grand Piles in Second Position210
C6) In to Outs in Second Position210
D1) Hollow Body360s
D2) Knee Pike Straddles36
D3) Hollow Rocks320