Day 8: Strength and Stamina + Flexibility

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Warm Up

ExerciseSetsTimeVideo Link
Jumping Jacks230SView Video
Squats230sView Video
Lunge with overhead reach230sView Video
Downward to step up with rotation230sView Video


ExerciseSetsRepsVideo Link
Band squats2-310View Video
Side walks2-320 each wayView Video
Hollow body2-330sView Video
Quarter squats up, then down2-310 each wayView Video
Hip Bridges2-310View Video
Plank2-340sView Video


Directions: This is going to be a 16-minute run/walk to start building a solid base of conditioning. 

Walk or light jog3 minutes
Run1 minute
Walk or light jog1 minute
Run2 minutes
Walk1 minutes
Run3 minutes
Walk1 minute
Run2 minutes
Walk1 minute
Run1 minute

Post-Workout/ Practice Stretches

ExerciseSetsTimeVideo Link
Hip flexor on wall11 minute per sideView Video
Quad on wall11 minute per sideView Video
90 90 hip stretch130s to front, then 5 press downs and pull ups for 5s each. Repeat on back legView Video
Block calf stretch11 minute per sideView Video
Any other stretches your body needs!