Monday, June 29


ExerciseSetsRepsVideo Link
A1) Hollow body360sView Video
A2) Squats (Use a weight if you have access to one. As the number of reps go down, increase the weight. ). If you don’t have a weight, you can change these out for 5X5 pistol squats.312, 10, 10, 5, 5 View Video
A3) Thera-band side walks330 per sideView Video
B1) Single leg lowers36 each wayView Video
B2) Raised leg hip thrusters320View Video
B3) raised reverse plank360sView Video
C1) single leg calf raise1-220 per sideView Video
C2) band toe taps1-230 per sideView Video
C3) push-up1-26-10View Video