Frequently Asked Questions

Jeanne holds a 4-year degree in exercise science with a focus in fitness specialization as well as multiple personal training and group fitness certifications including: personal training certification, natural movement certification, health coaching certification, nutrition specialist certification, group fitness certification, and more!

She was an Irish Dancer most of her life and competed at the Worlds level both in solos and on teams. She also has over 10 years in personal training experience! In her years as a trainer she has helped dancers achieve goals including getting their first recall, earning their first world qualifier spot, earning World medals, and winning major championships including Oireachtas, Nationals, and World Championships

One On One Coaching starts with you sending in dance videos and movement assessment so we can identify your strengths and weaknesses. From there, we hop on a zoom call to discuss your goals, injury history, schedule, your program, and set some monthly progress goals. After that, you receive a custom program tailored to help you achieve your goals via desktop and app with detailed video tutorials showing you how do do each exercise.

Every week, your coach will send you a quick check in message to see how everything is going and throughout the week you can ask your coach any questions that pop up!

Every month, you’ll meet with your coach on zoom (or messenger if you prefer) and review the past month as well as set new monthly progress goals!

You can contact your coach as often as needed!
We believe that every dancer can make progress if they are willing to work towards. No dancer is too old to improve and succeed as a dancer! We believe that dancers must move well to dance well. That’s why building solid movement habits and unstoppable strength is a critical piece of every dancers program. We believe that every dancer’s journey is different. For some dancers, dance is life and their top priority! Other dancers we work with work full time, have rigorous school schedules, have kids, or other top priorities and dance is simply a way to have fun and stay in shape. Regardless, we’re here for you and are willing on working on finding the right program and support that can help you for where you are at in your journey!
Your program contains detailed video tutorials of how to do each exercise in your program.

Where many Irish dance fitness programs are member based and don’t provide specific plans to the individual, we develop a plan custom to your goals, what you need to work on the most, and the support you need along the way to take action with your plan!

You’ll have unlimited messaging with your coach to help you overcome any obstacles that come your way and set monthly improvement goals so you can continue to make progress every step of the way.

100%! A lot of dancers we work with are in school with activities other than dancing, work full time, have kids, etc! We know every person is at a different place in life and has different priorities so we are more than willing to meet you where you are at and help guide you to a stronger fitter you!

This depends on your training experience, age, and what you are able to get access to. Upon receiving your program, you’ll get an equipment list. Having access to a gym is very helpful, but if you don’t have access to one we can work around it!
100% yes yes yes! We absolutely LOVE working with adult dancers and are excited as the adult dancer community continues to grow. Adult dancers often face unique challenges including working full time, adulting in general (aka grocery shopping, bill paying, laundry, etc.) and we’re here to help you find ways to navigate those challenges and find time to level up your strength and fitness levels!
Yep! As long as you are cleared by your doctor to engage in physical activities, we will help work through or around your injury history. This is NOT a physical therapy program so please make sure to get clearance from your DPT before signing up and are fully recovered from any past injuries.
The built-in flexibility that Feis Fit offers is one of dancers’ favorite parts of our program! You can do our workouts anytime and anywhere!
This depends on the individual, but most of our programs are based around a 12-16 week cycle of stability, endurance, strength, and power, . In addition to the phases of strength training, dancers are assigned flexibility and stamina work depending on their current movement patterns, class routines, and personal goals.
You will can view your workouts via an easy to use app and/or desktop.
After signing up, you will receive an email from your coach within 48 hours to book your initial dance video analysis and directions on how to complete your movement test. After that you’ll receive your program and it will be time to get to work!
Payment is on autopay through Stripe.

If you're a dancer who wants to get ahead when it comes to foot placement, come join us!

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