Are You Feis Fit?!

12-Week Training Programs Designed to Help Dancers CRUSH their Dancing Goals!

  • Get Stronger and Sharper Dancing

  • Enhance Irish Dance Specific Technique

  • Learn Injury Prevention Methods


About Feis Fit's Creator

My name is Jeanne Weller, and I fell in love with Irish Dancing at age 6. Throughout my dancing career I competed in many regional, national, and world championships both individually and on teams. After my years as a competitor, I decided to focus on the fitness piece required for excellent dancing that many dancers miss. I started by earning a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Fitness, getting certified in Personal Training and Group Exercise, and NOW continuously absorbing everything I can about how dancers and young athletes of all kinds train for optimal performance. I am very passionate about learning how the human body works and how to combine strength and conditioning principles with Irish Dance movement patterns to help every dancer reach their full potential. While I was in college, I began experimenting with customized dancer training programs as well as running Irish Dance boot camps in Central Ohio, helping many dancers achieve their goals including:

  • Recalling at the Oireachtas
  • Moving up many placements at Feiseanna and major competitions
  • Qualifying for Worlds
  • Winning major competitions

My fitness career brought me to Milwaukee, WI, where I have been blessed with the opportunity to do what I love — helping good Irish Dancers become excellent! Feis Fit in Milwaukee started September 2016, and already we’ve helped dancers achieve goals including earning their first solo dress, winning major championships, getting into PC and OC, and MORE!