How it Works

Feis Fit small groups are more like small group personal training than a typical large group fitness class. Groups of 3-6 dancers get to focus on getting stronger, improving stamina, injury prevention, and technique enhancement. ⁣Every dancer has different things they need to work on, that’s why I make sure these workouts are designed for YOU!

* If a dancer needs to miss more than 3 classes, I recommend doing online training instead. If the whole class needs to miss a session, we can reschedule it (e.g. a performance comes up).

No Goal Is Too Big If You're Willing To Work For it!

As your coach, I’m constantly researching the best techniques for improving dance performance, power, mindset, technique, and injury prevention. My goal is to not just throw generic exercises at you (you can honestly just google a random fitness plan), but rather master Irish Dance strength and conditioning training so every dancer has the opportunity to reach and surpass their dancing dreams! I’ve helped dancers achieve Oireachtas goals from getting that first recall to winning their first major championship. I truly believe that there is no goal too big if you’re willing to work for it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the price of the program?
A: 360usd for all 10 weeks. Can be paid in full or 2 payments.

Q: What equipment do I need?
A: Dancers do NOT need to bring any equipment to class. But for homework, a set of therabands (heavy and light), yoga mat, and 2 yoga blocks are highly recommended for homework. If dancers have access to weights for homework, that’s even better! Dancers ages 16+ are allowed to use the gym on their own time after filling out the proper gym waiver (Jeanne will provide the waiver for dancers 16+ using the gym during their own time at the first class).

Q: What ages do you recommend for the program?
A: 10+; I’ll occasionally work with dancers younger than 10 if they are PC or above and/or recommended by a teacher.

Q: What days/times are classes?
A: Please email Jeanne at for class times. 

Q: What dates does the program run?

A: Oireachtas Prep: September 11th-November 19th, 2022

Winter Prep: January 15th-March 31st, 2023

Nationals Prep: April 17th-June 25th, 2023 (There will be a sub the last 2-3 weeks in this session)

Q: My dancer wants to join but he/she can only make it to a couple classes. Can they still join?
A: Although they technically can still join, I’d recommend joining only if they can make it to the majority of classes. The classes build on each other so if they miss several classes, they aren’t getting the most out of the program and we have to slow down the class to re-teach skills dancers may have missed.

Q: How long will homework take?
A: 20-40 minutes, 2-5 days per week. This depends on what dancers are working on, their level, age, and goals.

If you're a dancer who wants to get ahead this Oireachtas season, come join us!

About Jeanne

My name is Jeanne Weller, and I fell in love with Irish Dancing at age 6. Throughout my dancing career I competed in many regional, national, and world championships both individually and on teams. After my years as a competitor, I decided to focus on the fitness piece required for excellent dancing that many dancers miss. I am very passionate about learning how the human body works and how to combine strength and conditioning principles with Irish Dance movement patterns to help every dancer reach their full potential.

At Feis Fit I truly believe that learning to enjoy the journey and challenges of Irish Dancing in a positive supportive community is the MOST important part of dancing. We were made to connect, grow, and help each other…and THAT is what makes Feis Fit truly great.